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Discover the Bauhaus and Weimar

Bookable from 01.01.2020 to 28.12.2020

Visit the great poets and thinkers in Weimar. Walk in the footsteps of Goethe and get to know the history of Weimar.  Let yourself be spoiled by the irresistible charm of Weimar.

  • two nights including our rich breakfast 
  • 48 h Weimarcard with free admission to the museums the modern as: new Bauhaus Museum, Neues Museum, Haus am Horn, Haus Hohe Pappeln and Nietzsche Archive as well as in other classical museums such as: Goethe's living and garden house, Schiller's house, Belvedere Palace, Liszt's House, City Museum, Tiefurt Castle 
  • free use of public busses with the 48 h Weimarcard
  • 3-course-dinner in our restaurant


Double room, price per person 152,– €
Single room 192,– €

Our prices are inclusive of VAT and include an overnight stay with breakfast. The city of Weimar also charges a cultural subsidy fee of €3.00 per night for single rooms, and €4.50 per room in a double room for private travelers.