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Anna Amalia Library

Anna Amalia Library

The Duchess Anna Amalia Library is certainly one of the most sought after attractions. This is not just because the number of visitors per day is limited.

Liszt House

The view of the music salon of the Liszt-Haus in Marienstraße is fascinating, as the original interior has been preserved - including the legendary Bechstein grand piano.
Schiller's home

Schiller's house

Starting from the market, it is only a few steps to Windischstraße No. 8. There, a panel reminds us that Schiller first lived here between 1799 and 1802.
Bauhaus Museum

Bauhaus museum

The legendary College of Design was founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar. Even today, you can follow ground-breaking developments on a journey through the Bauhaus Museum on the basis of its valuable exhibits.
The house Hohe Pappeln is the former residence Henry van de Veldes.

Haus Hohe Pappeln

Henry van de Velde is considered one of the most universal Bauhaus artists! Structures such as the Kunstgewerbeschule Weimar were implemented according to his designs.
Entrance gate Buchenwald memorial

Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Buchenwald

A few kilometers outside the city center you can reach Ettersberg in a northerly direction. Here is the former camp of numerous prisoners of the labor camp "Buchenwald"
Goethe's garden house in the park on the Ilm

Goethes Gartenhaus

The Park an der Ilm is one of the most beautiful and idyllic places in Weimar in the green heart of Thuringia - that's what visitors and locals alike all find. In the midst of the huge tree-lined complex
Goethe's house

Goethes Wohnhaus

The house at the Frauenplan, not far from the Deutsches National theater, which was built between 1707 and 1709 by the princely Kammerkommissar and sock dealer Georg Caspar Helmershausen